Hello. Hope you all having a nice and positive day? Good. Today’s article is gonna encompass how pessimistic Capricorns can be and how it affects us mostly negatively and rarely positively.

To begin with, all Capricorns have an element of pessimism in our bones that helps us maintain a balanced view point in situations that require multiple decisions. While this is a good trait its dark side is often what dominates in our lives. That’s why I’m writing this post today, to enable us all harness the power of the pessimistic nature of a Capricorn.


In spite of all the negativity shrouded around pessimism, it still has some bright side that others won’t immediately recognize; it’s there for none other but us. So stop trying to be optimistic all times and allow pessimism to have a footing (not entirely your mind, just a minimal slice would do) in what you do. A classic example of how pessimism is beneficial will best be illustrated with a real-life encounter my brother had with his co-worker who didn’t fit my personality tests.

It was a warm Sunday afternoon when my brother told me of his decision to enter a business with his co-worker concerning some deal he had with him. As a Capricorn, I was quite skeptical about this guy and didn’t bother too much about it. We continued living our lives and everything was going on awesome; till my brother told me that he is giving his co-worker some money to commence their business and asked for my opinion. I was like; Oh okay that’s cool. So when are you guys gonna start the partnership? And he was like; I’ll send him the money today and he’ll add his quota, then we’re good to go. I told him to get some kind of tracking device on this guy so he can monitor him anytime he tries to go AWOL. How he vehemently debunked this idea was quite shocking to me; so I didn’t bug him further about it. After all we Capricorns don’t like excessive talks, but rather wait for outcomes to see how they turn out. The time came he had to take a trip to go monitor how the business was going. It was doing great and everything was running smooth as expected. For a minute there I thought I was wrong about this guy. He was very loyal and truthful to my brother and as such gained his trust fully; but not mine. The pessimistic instinct in me kept telling me something bad is gonna happen. Trying to stay positive, I brushed it aside and continued my life until it happened.

After like 3 months I asked my brother how the business was going. Guess what. “He’s gone” was his reply. “WTF!!! I am sorry” was my reply. I then remembered how my pessimistic instinct kept bugging me, but I brushed it aside. Well it was too late and the guy just vanished off the grid, into thin air. If my brother had listened to me and placed a tracker on him, we could have a lead on him. Anyway it’s all over now. Thanks to this little encounter, I learnt never to totally ignore my pessimistic side instead acknowledge it as part of me and use it to my advantage. But the extent to which you allow it dominate is extremely important as it can be misleading sometimes. However, I have made some real life-changing decisions lately and I am beginning to actually see I made the good choices. Left to only the optimism, I would’ve made seriously wrong decisions because I would’ve only looked at the positive aspects not considering their dark side.


The principal con about being pessimistic is the fact that the kinds of things you think about constantly are what happen to you. Being a person with inbuilt pessimism is not an easy thing to manage, but with the right amount of self-control and consciousness, you can be pessimistic, but not allow it to take control of your mind. Another con about being a pessimist is that you may find yourself concentrating mainly on the dark aspect of people and don’t see how actually nice they can be at times. This might make you miss some real chances and you might even end up creating some unwanted rivalries and it could totally be your fault. Also, expecting the worst to happen will invoke them to do so and there’ll be none to blame but yourself. For instance, I was too pessimistic about failing an exam and I actually did fail it, although I didn’t deserve to have failed. I kept all and everything that was worth putting in and still, I failed… Pessimism. Try to look at the positive outlook of stuff and don’t overrule the pessimistic nature in you.


Caps, this is especially to you all since you tend to be very pessimistic with dealings around you. It’s true that when you think positive, you attract positive forces to you and vice versa, but it’s also a great idea to use your pessimistic side to look at the pluses and minuses of situations before jumping into them. This also applies to people and your dealings with them. Use your pessimistic nature to be more witty and wise in your dealings with people and in situations. Have you seen the legendary Yin-yang symbol of china? Good, otherwise take a look at it and do some reading around it. It primarily enforces the fact that there should be balance between all forces of life hence pessimism and optimism. Use your pessimism to weigh the pros and cons and you’ll find yourself making good and informed decisions concerning whatever you’re about to do. Don’t be too optimistic to the extent that you think you can create a house on mountain Everest and don’t be too pessimistic to the point that you feel the air you’re breathing in contains ammonium sulfide, instead balance these two opposite forces and use them to your advantage to gain edge in whatever you do. Your pessimistic nature checks your optimistic nature and vice versa. They work in tandem.

Stay pessimistic and thanks for reading


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