Hello all. Yup, here we are again and it’s more on Caps, Caps and Caps. Today, am gonna be speaking about Capricorns and their personal relationships. Just so you all know, I am speaking all this from my own point of view and as such, contributions, comments, constructive criticisms and suggestions are warmly welcomed. Thanks and buckle up for the ride.

Have I mentioned how excruciatingly difficult it is to get a Capricorn to lower their defenses (by lowering their defenses I mean we being free and totally comfortable around you and will say anything: from the day we stole mom’s 5 cents to who we intend to marry) around people? Yup, that’s how it feels like trying to get a Capricorn to open up to you; very difficult and for some, which are mostly personal. To other Caps, it’s just a personality test you’re still under and in due time will open up if you’re able to prove your worth. However, in the process of building something with a Capricorn be sure to always put in 100%. And by “something” I mean anything that has to do with trust. It can be in a relationship, as friends, team mates, co-workers, whatever the connection make sure you always put in your best maximum effort.

Why will I want to put all 100% into creating something with a Cap? Nice question. Once a Cap is into something with you, it’s for life. Marriages, friendships, name them. It’s for life and there is no coming out once it’s started. So because of this life-long devotion, loyalty and unflinching support we put into whatever union it is, we take quite a while to enter one. But once we do enter one (which is not very often), you can be rest assured of a lifetime of support; that is if we can help. You will find most Caps having the desire and ambition to build something that is permanent and long-lasting, not temporal things. We don’t have time for temporal people so won’t even bother to continue once we notice you’re not willing to put in 100%, but just need us around when you want us around at your own convenient time. Then whatever you’re having with your Cap mate will not last. While you may be able to joke around with your Capricorn mate once or twice it’ll be a matter of time before they find out; and trust me, it’ll be a cold day in hell for you. To us, the rule is diamond-clear; if you’re not willing to put in 100% then stay aside and oh, did I mention how we have having our time wasted? Yup, it’ll do you and your partner good if you make your thoughts know from the first day. We really appreciate that and it’ll give you some points on our test list.

In summary, whenever you’re about to enter into something with a Capricorn just know this: if you’re not going to be totally devoted, then you can just forget about it happening. Treat all signs with respect and you’ll gain the respect of a Capricorn.

Thanks for reading.



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