“Show me disloyalty, I’ll show you detachment”. This epic quote is the mind of a typical Capricorn. Again, the time has come and the loyalty of people has to be taken into question. What is loyalty at all? According to my personal research, loyalty means being true to persons to whom you owe fidelity, especially between friends, couples, workers and whatever unions you can think of. What is this loyalty and why does it matter to the extent that people will go the extreme just to get it from others? Others see it as a sauce to spice up their everyday life and to others it’s the main life force that drives them to continue their unions with their respective partners. Let’s dive into our main business for today.

If you are looking for a loyal person to put 100% of your hopes into, get a Cap. Of course there are other signs like Taurus and Cancer whose support and loyalty, you can always rely on, however if you have to ever trust anyone, trust a Cap. Capricorns don’t joke with the loyalty that they have with other people and expect other people to also reciprocate the precise amount of loyalty back to them, which doesn’t happen very often. If you’re looking for a way to piss off a Cap to end your relationship, then betray them. You will succeed a 1000% and won’t have to worry about your relationship any longer. If there is anything on a Cap’s hate list, its disloyal people. We have a very high sense of loyalty and don’t take it easy when someone betrays our trust in them. Be it a friend, a relative a co-worker, a lover, a boss and the list continues, we just cut them off from our life to a “hi” and “hello”; (that is if you’re lucky or get to bump into them at the mall) communication with them. Forgive we may do so, but never ever, ever think of you the same again. It’s also hard coded into our DNA and you won’t be forgotten. Ever

Before you will gain the trust of a Cap, it will not be easy, but it’ll be worth it and once you gain our trust you can be rest assured it’ll last for a lifetime; until you shatter it. If a Cap will cut all communication and just ignore you like you don’t exist, then know that you’ve hurt them deeply and will never get on their white list again. You can bet on that. Also, a Cap will not just sleep, wake up and decide to cut all communications with you. Most of the time, we let the crap go not once or twice or trice, an infinitely large number of times and as such its quite difficult to annoy us. But not so with disloyalty; the maximum chances you’ll get from a typical Capricorn will be like one or two chances. After that, you all go your separate ways. Because we don’t like fakes and pretenders, we prefer those close to us also be real and not be someone else just to get our attention. Oh and did I forget to mention that those who look for attention will get none from a Cap? Well now you know. People who are fakes will not survive around a Cap and as a result our small circles of loyal friends are mostly people who have passed our personal personality tests. You may relate well with us, but will not completely let down our defenses around you, unless you’re in our small circle. Also, we don’t trust people easily thanks to our natural questioning of everything, so it’ll take quite a while for us to fully trust you, unless you prove beyond reasonable doubt that when we do so, you’ll not stab us in the back. A loyal Cap will do all in his power to fulfill whatever that needs to be fulfilled to you. That’s how deep the loyalty of a Capricorn goes and it goes way beyond this.

So the next time you think about stabbing your Capricorn friend, partner, lover, worker, team mate in the back, think twice because it might be the last time you will ever get to be with them. And what’s worse? A Capricorn’s cold shoulder; you don’t want to find yourself there. Caps won’t betray your trust and I don’t see that happening soon, unless you started it. Treat all signs with respect and you’ll gain the respect of a Cap. Stay loyal to your associates and you’ll have fewer enemies to deal with.

Thanks for reading.


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