Hi, all. Today’s post is about the attitude of 99% of Caps (used interchangeably with Capricorn) towards work. While others tend to shy away from work, we embrace it with all enthusiasm and zeal. Doing what we do best is our power point. If you work in an organization with such people around you, I bet you’ve already noticed this. Most of the workaholics there are mostly Caps and just ignore the time when they are in work mode. While this is something good, we most of the time get caught up in what we do to the extent that we ignore all other things and just “work until we drop”. Isn’t this great? Well it is and it isn’t. Why is it both?


Due to our hardworking nature, it is easy to beat deadlines, tight schedules and dates set by your higher power. Let’s assume you are given a 3,000 paged document to type and you start at 9:00am. Thanks to your 100 wpm speed and workaholic attitude, you’re able to finish by 2:00pm. Well isn’t that awesome? You get thumbs up from your boss and another mountain of paperwork is slapped at you again. Thanks to our patient nature, we go back to work. Great work there, able to work dawn to dusk without a break, because it’s just hard coded into our DNA. Well I say it’s a great trait. Especially the “work without stop” feature in us. We are able to perform amazing and somethings seemingly impossible feats of work thus gain the favor and admiration of bosses and pals likewise. You are mostly the favorite at your workplace and your boss will not be able to survive 2 meager seconds without you around. People look forward to having you in the same project with them, others want you to help them genuinely clear some work and some who don’t know who they’re dealing with will just want to have you around so you do all the hard work. Sorry for them if they get on your bad side which will be soon enough. Either way, you are the favorite of everybody and are widely known as “the workaholic”. Awesome work, keep up the attitude. But


The principal downside of this trait is that we’re mostly so caught up in what we do that we don’t pay attention to other important activities. We wear serious faces and show a lot of seriousness as if we’re building a Human Colony on Jupiter. This outlook is sometimes so serious that our co-workers won’t want to get near us while we’re in this mode. Apart from the serious looks, we just don’t allow ourselves sometime to relax and have stretch. The fingers will be literally falling off, but no, Caps won’t pay attention but will just continue clacking, gathering, or immerse themselves in whatever we’re doing. As a result, we feel like all the work has been left on us and we’re so grumpy at this time that every little thing gets under our skin hence, co-workers leave us alone to do it all since we wanted it and get it most of the time. After work, you’ll look like a worn out alien who tried unsuccessfully to invade earth and frown at boss and pals alike. Only an occasional “hi” or “hey” there and you plunge into your abyss of work and do nothing but work, work and more work. After work, you go home and when you’re supposed to be sleeping, you prefer continuing your work on your laptop or whatever medium you use, ignoring your wife who’s waiting for you to come. All in all, we spent so much time and give so much attention to work that nothing again means to us but work. This will lead to further depression since we don’t get sad, but depressed.


I am a Capricorn myself and this happens quite often with me. We’re known for weathering any storm that comes our way and this is one of them too. The ability to crack down on all the work, yet keeping a cheerful outlook and being aware of the events around us and not being oblivious to them. So I suggest each and every Capricorn (and other related signs) who read this should use their ability to weather storms. It’s true we’re workaholics, but a 5 minute break every hour will suffice and put a smile on that ever serious face of yours. For your information it does not mean you should get an amusement park in your office, but just smile at that worker who passes by you and stares at you. It’ll do both of you some good and lighten up the pressure of looking too serious. Of course another great way to release this unnecessary stress is to get a good way to release it all through laughter. Do so it’ll help you keep a positive approachable outlook. Keep building your empire and keep on working hard Capricorn.

Thanks for reading.



3 thoughts on “CAPRICORNS AND WORK

  1. I was exactly like you too some months ago. After realizing why I constantly got depressed and how to change it, I’m now a happy person at work and various functions. You will also be there too very soon. 🙂


  2. Now I see why I suffer from waves of depression! Because I don’t stop working until all the work is done for the day, then do the same thing the next day, and the next, it goes on and on. I find it hard to stop though, for once I get started, I have to finish the project or it never gets done.
    Thanks for writing this post and for the advice of forcing a short break from work just so us Capricorns can stay cheerful! I will have to get into the habit of taking breaks. 😀

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