Android 6 Key Features

Android 7 Nougat is on its way to us, but since you might be stuck to Android 6 for a while, so you gotta make the most out of it. 

Android 6 has some key new Innovations that makes your phone even more easier to use and simpler. These features that I call Key Features are as follows.

1.  Google NowThis is a very useful innovation by Google and it allows you to access Google without leaving the current application you’re using, just like how I took this snapshot of when I activated it. To activate it for the first and any other time, just long tap the home button and configure it to your specification for the first time. After that, you can access it anytime by long pressing the home button. The cool thing about this is, when you activate Google Now, it provides ready-made information about the app you’re currently using. (e.g. if you’re reading a game review, it might show links to the developers or the company that created the game: or it might just show information about the song you’re listening to on your phone). It’s totally awesome.

2.   Screen Recording.This is one feature that I was always looking forward to (not using a third-party app). It allows you to record whatever you are doing on your phone and view it afterwards. Say you wanna show someone how to use an app, all you have to do is pull down your menu, select screen recording and select the recording mode you want to use. There are two recording modes here: HD recording which offers greater details and smoother pictures and Mini recording which offers quality recording and easy sharing. Just select the mode that suits you and you’re good to go.

3.   Edit quick settings menu.Say you want to change the arrangement of the tiles? Pull down the quick setting menu, tap the edit button and long tap the tile you want to change and drag it to where you want it to be. As simple as that. I use this all the time to access some quick settings I need. But the settings tile can’t be moved. No worries though, you’ll get used to it.

4.   Improved cut and paste.Now we know Android do occasionally borrow from IOS ( don’t tell Jonny Ive.) When you select a piece of text in Marshmallow, the cut, paste, search options float above the text and not at the top of the screen. It’s a lot more comfortable to work with now

6.   App permissions Now to those of you who wouldn’t want apps doing stuff without your permission, this is yours. In Android 6, you can customize the permissions of all the apps on your phone. To access these settings, go to settings > Apps > Advanced > App permissions. Voilà! All permissions are in your hands now. 

6.   Scrollshots.This final great feature is the scrollshot feature. This allows you to take a shot of an entire page and this is a very cool if you want to show a friend some projects you’re working on. Just active screenshot, touch the scrollshot button and there you go. Works like magic.

Given all these features, I think these are very cool and I’ll encourage you to get this update( if you don’t already have it). Meanwhile, enjoy Marshmallow while it lasts because Nougat is on its way. Keep your eyes open and have a nice day. Thanks for reading!!!


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