Hello. Hope you all having a nice and positive day? Good. Today’s article is gonna encompass how pessimistic Capricorns can be and how it affects us mostly negatively and rarely positively.

To begin with, all Capricorns have an element of pessimism in our bones that helps us maintain a balanced view point in situations that require multiple decisions. While this is a good trait its dark side is often what dominates in our lives. That’s why I’m writing this post today, to enable us all harness the power of the pessimistic nature of a Capricorn.


In spite of all the negativity shrouded around pessimism, it still has some bright side that others won’t immediately recognize; it’s there for none other but us. So stop trying to be optimistic all times and allow pessimism to have a footing (not entirely your mind, just a minimal slice would do) in what you do. A classic example of how pessimism is beneficial will best be illustrated with a real-life encounter my brother had with his co-worker who didn’t fit my personality tests.

It was a warm Sunday afternoon when my brother told me of his decision to enter a business with his co-worker concerning some deal he had with him. As a Capricorn, I was quite skeptical about this guy and didn’t bother too much about it. We continued living our lives and everything was going on awesome; till my brother told me that he is giving his co-worker some money to commence their business and asked for my opinion. I was like; Oh okay that’s cool. So when are you guys gonna start the partnership? And he was like; I’ll send him the money today and he’ll add his quota, then we’re good to go. I told him to get some kind of tracking device on this guy so he can monitor him anytime he tries to go AWOL. How he vehemently debunked this idea was quite shocking to me; so I didn’t bug him further about it. After all we Capricorns don’t like excessive talks, but rather wait for outcomes to see how they turn out. The time came he had to take a trip to go monitor how the business was going. It was doing great and everything was running smooth as expected. For a minute there I thought I was wrong about this guy. He was very loyal and truthful to my brother and as such gained his trust fully; but not mine. The pessimistic instinct in me kept telling me something bad is gonna happen. Trying to stay positive, I brushed it aside and continued my life until it happened.

After like 3 months I asked my brother how the business was going. Guess what. “He’s gone” was his reply. “WTF!!! I am sorry” was my reply. I then remembered how my pessimistic instinct kept bugging me, but I brushed it aside. Well it was too late and the guy just vanished off the grid, into thin air. If my brother had listened to me and placed a tracker on him, we could have a lead on him. Anyway it’s all over now. Thanks to this little encounter, I learnt never to totally ignore my pessimistic side instead acknowledge it as part of me and use it to my advantage. But the extent to which you allow it dominate is extremely important as it can be misleading sometimes. However, I have made some real life-changing decisions lately and I am beginning to actually see I made the good choices. Left to only the optimism, I would’ve made seriously wrong decisions because I would’ve only looked at the positive aspects not considering their dark side.


The principal con about being pessimistic is the fact that the kinds of things you think about constantly are what happen to you. Being a person with inbuilt pessimism is not an easy thing to manage, but with the right amount of self-control and consciousness, you can be pessimistic, but not allow it to take control of your mind. Another con about being a pessimist is that you may find yourself concentrating mainly on the dark aspect of people and don’t see how actually nice they can be at times. This might make you miss some real chances and you might even end up creating some unwanted rivalries and it could totally be your fault. Also, expecting the worst to happen will invoke them to do so and there’ll be none to blame but yourself. For instance, I was too pessimistic about failing an exam and I actually did fail it, although I didn’t deserve to have failed. I kept all and everything that was worth putting in and still, I failed… Pessimism. Try to look at the positive outlook of stuff and don’t overrule the pessimistic nature in you.


Caps, this is especially to you all since you tend to be very pessimistic with dealings around you. It’s true that when you think positive, you attract positive forces to you and vice versa, but it’s also a great idea to use your pessimistic side to look at the pluses and minuses of situations before jumping into them. This also applies to people and your dealings with them. Use your pessimistic nature to be more witty and wise in your dealings with people and in situations. Have you seen the legendary Yin-yang symbol of china? Good, otherwise take a look at it and do some reading around it. It primarily enforces the fact that there should be balance between all forces of life hence pessimism and optimism. Use your pessimism to weigh the pros and cons and you’ll find yourself making good and informed decisions concerning whatever you’re about to do. Don’t be too optimistic to the extent that you think you can create a house on mountain Everest and don’t be too pessimistic to the point that you feel the air you’re breathing in contains ammonium sulfide, instead balance these two opposite forces and use them to your advantage to gain edge in whatever you do. Your pessimistic nature checks your optimistic nature and vice versa. They work in tandem.

Stay pessimistic and thanks for reading




Hello all. Yup, here we are again and it’s more on Caps, Caps and Caps. Today, am gonna be speaking about Capricorns and their personal relationships. Just so you all know, I am speaking all this from my own point of view and as such, contributions, comments, constructive criticisms and suggestions are warmly welcomed. Thanks and buckle up for the ride.

Have I mentioned how excruciatingly difficult it is to get a Capricorn to lower their defenses (by lowering their defenses I mean we being free and totally comfortable around you and will say anything: from the day we stole mom’s 5 cents to who we intend to marry) around people? Yup, that’s how it feels like trying to get a Capricorn to open up to you; very difficult and for some, which are mostly personal. To other Caps, it’s just a personality test you’re still under and in due time will open up if you’re able to prove your worth. However, in the process of building something with a Capricorn be sure to always put in 100%. And by “something” I mean anything that has to do with trust. It can be in a relationship, as friends, team mates, co-workers, whatever the connection make sure you always put in your best maximum effort.

Why will I want to put all 100% into creating something with a Cap? Nice question. Once a Cap is into something with you, it’s for life. Marriages, friendships, name them. It’s for life and there is no coming out once it’s started. So because of this life-long devotion, loyalty and unflinching support we put into whatever union it is, we take quite a while to enter one. But once we do enter one (which is not very often), you can be rest assured of a lifetime of support; that is if we can help. You will find most Caps having the desire and ambition to build something that is permanent and long-lasting, not temporal things. We don’t have time for temporal people so won’t even bother to continue once we notice you’re not willing to put in 100%, but just need us around when you want us around at your own convenient time. Then whatever you’re having with your Cap mate will not last. While you may be able to joke around with your Capricorn mate once or twice it’ll be a matter of time before they find out; and trust me, it’ll be a cold day in hell for you. To us, the rule is diamond-clear; if you’re not willing to put in 100% then stay aside and oh, did I mention how we have having our time wasted? Yup, it’ll do you and your partner good if you make your thoughts know from the first day. We really appreciate that and it’ll give you some points on our test list.

In summary, whenever you’re about to enter into something with a Capricorn just know this: if you’re not going to be totally devoted, then you can just forget about it happening. Treat all signs with respect and you’ll gain the respect of a Capricorn.

Thanks for reading.

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“Show me disloyalty, I’ll show you detachment”. This epic quote is the mind of a typical Capricorn. Again, the time has come and the loyalty of people has to be taken into question. What is loyalty at all? According to my personal research, loyalty means being true to persons to whom you owe fidelity, especially between friends, couples, workers and whatever unions you can think of. What is this loyalty and why does it matter to the extent that people will go the extreme just to get it from others? Others see it as a sauce to spice up their everyday life and to others it’s the main life force that drives them to continue their unions with their respective partners. Let’s dive into our main business for today.

If you are looking for a loyal person to put 100% of your hopes into, get a Cap. Of course there are other signs like Taurus and Cancer whose support and loyalty, you can always rely on, however if you have to ever trust anyone, trust a Cap. Capricorns don’t joke with the loyalty that they have with other people and expect other people to also reciprocate the precise amount of loyalty back to them, which doesn’t happen very often. If you’re looking for a way to piss off a Cap to end your relationship, then betray them. You will succeed a 1000% and won’t have to worry about your relationship any longer. If there is anything on a Cap’s hate list, its disloyal people. We have a very high sense of loyalty and don’t take it easy when someone betrays our trust in them. Be it a friend, a relative a co-worker, a lover, a boss and the list continues, we just cut them off from our life to a “hi” and “hello”; (that is if you’re lucky or get to bump into them at the mall) communication with them. Forgive we may do so, but never ever, ever think of you the same again. It’s also hard coded into our DNA and you won’t be forgotten. Ever

Before you will gain the trust of a Cap, it will not be easy, but it’ll be worth it and once you gain our trust you can be rest assured it’ll last for a lifetime; until you shatter it. If a Cap will cut all communication and just ignore you like you don’t exist, then know that you’ve hurt them deeply and will never get on their white list again. You can bet on that. Also, a Cap will not just sleep, wake up and decide to cut all communications with you. Most of the time, we let the crap go not once or twice or trice, an infinitely large number of times and as such its quite difficult to annoy us. But not so with disloyalty; the maximum chances you’ll get from a typical Capricorn will be like one or two chances. After that, you all go your separate ways. Because we don’t like fakes and pretenders, we prefer those close to us also be real and not be someone else just to get our attention. Oh and did I forget to mention that those who look for attention will get none from a Cap? Well now you know. People who are fakes will not survive around a Cap and as a result our small circles of loyal friends are mostly people who have passed our personal personality tests. You may relate well with us, but will not completely let down our defenses around you, unless you’re in our small circle. Also, we don’t trust people easily thanks to our natural questioning of everything, so it’ll take quite a while for us to fully trust you, unless you prove beyond reasonable doubt that when we do so, you’ll not stab us in the back. A loyal Cap will do all in his power to fulfill whatever that needs to be fulfilled to you. That’s how deep the loyalty of a Capricorn goes and it goes way beyond this.

So the next time you think about stabbing your Capricorn friend, partner, lover, worker, team mate in the back, think twice because it might be the last time you will ever get to be with them. And what’s worse? A Capricorn’s cold shoulder; you don’t want to find yourself there. Caps won’t betray your trust and I don’t see that happening soon, unless you started it. Treat all signs with respect and you’ll gain the respect of a Cap. Stay loyal to your associates and you’ll have fewer enemies to deal with.

Thanks for reading.




Hi, all. Today’s post is about the attitude of 99% of Caps (used interchangeably with Capricorn) towards work. While others tend to shy away from work, we embrace it with all enthusiasm and zeal. Doing what we do best is our power point. If you work in an organization with such people around you, I bet you’ve already noticed this. Most of the workaholics there are mostly Caps and just ignore the time when they are in work mode. While this is something good, we most of the time get caught up in what we do to the extent that we ignore all other things and just “work until we drop”. Isn’t this great? Well it is and it isn’t. Why is it both?


Due to our hardworking nature, it is easy to beat deadlines, tight schedules and dates set by your higher power. Let’s assume you are given a 3,000 paged document to type and you start at 9:00am. Thanks to your 100 wpm speed and workaholic attitude, you’re able to finish by 2:00pm. Well isn’t that awesome? You get thumbs up from your boss and another mountain of paperwork is slapped at you again. Thanks to our patient nature, we go back to work. Great work there, able to work dawn to dusk without a break, because it’s just hard coded into our DNA. Well I say it’s a great trait. Especially the “work without stop” feature in us. We are able to perform amazing and somethings seemingly impossible feats of work thus gain the favor and admiration of bosses and pals likewise. You are mostly the favorite at your workplace and your boss will not be able to survive 2 meager seconds without you around. People look forward to having you in the same project with them, others want you to help them genuinely clear some work and some who don’t know who they’re dealing with will just want to have you around so you do all the hard work. Sorry for them if they get on your bad side which will be soon enough. Either way, you are the favorite of everybody and are widely known as “the workaholic”. Awesome work, keep up the attitude. But


The principal downside of this trait is that we’re mostly so caught up in what we do that we don’t pay attention to other important activities. We wear serious faces and show a lot of seriousness as if we’re building a Human Colony on Jupiter. This outlook is sometimes so serious that our co-workers won’t want to get near us while we’re in this mode. Apart from the serious looks, we just don’t allow ourselves sometime to relax and have stretch. The fingers will be literally falling off, but no, Caps won’t pay attention but will just continue clacking, gathering, or immerse themselves in whatever we’re doing. As a result, we feel like all the work has been left on us and we’re so grumpy at this time that every little thing gets under our skin hence, co-workers leave us alone to do it all since we wanted it and get it most of the time. After work, you’ll look like a worn out alien who tried unsuccessfully to invade earth and frown at boss and pals alike. Only an occasional “hi” or “hey” there and you plunge into your abyss of work and do nothing but work, work and more work. After work, you go home and when you’re supposed to be sleeping, you prefer continuing your work on your laptop or whatever medium you use, ignoring your wife who’s waiting for you to come. All in all, we spent so much time and give so much attention to work that nothing again means to us but work. This will lead to further depression since we don’t get sad, but depressed.


I am a Capricorn myself and this happens quite often with me. We’re known for weathering any storm that comes our way and this is one of them too. The ability to crack down on all the work, yet keeping a cheerful outlook and being aware of the events around us and not being oblivious to them. So I suggest each and every Capricorn (and other related signs) who read this should use their ability to weather storms. It’s true we’re workaholics, but a 5 minute break every hour will suffice and put a smile on that ever serious face of yours. For your information it does not mean you should get an amusement park in your office, but just smile at that worker who passes by you and stares at you. It’ll do both of you some good and lighten up the pressure of looking too serious. Of course another great way to release this unnecessary stress is to get a good way to release it all through laughter. Do so it’ll help you keep a positive approachable outlook. Keep building your empire and keep on working hard Capricorn.

Thanks for reading.


A Gist About Us Caps

CAPRICORNS (The Sea-Goats)


To begin with be a Capricorn to, I consider it to be a blessing. Why do I say this? Take a look at all the realities of life played around us each day and maybe you’ll get a hint as to why. However in order to create a serene atmosphere for my stance, I buttress my view with the following points.

  1. Loyalty: Capricorns are one of the most loyal people you will find on the face on this earth. Joking? No, am serious here. Once a Capricorn gives you their word, (which we rarely do), we will honor it. I being a Capricorn sometimes find myself going to the extreme just to honor a promise I made to a friend. And you know something? Whenever we deliver on our word, we get some satisfaction and fulfillment from it. Trust me you don’t want to prove how dishonorable you are when dealing with us. We will shut you off from our life and when it does happen, its like you no longer exist to us again. By our naturally honorable nature, we expect others to be the same, but unfortunately it’s not the same hence people sometimes mistake us for being “too kind” and will try to take advantage of us. If there is one thing you shouldn’t do to save your skin, its do not piss off a Capricorn. I mean it. Don’t make that mistake.
  1. Ambitious: Talk about how far you want to go in life and a Capricorn will definitely be there too. We are very and will do all and I mean all it takes to achieve it. You know why? Its inbuilt in us that’s why. The desire to succeed is so strong in us that if you are not with us or behind us, then you’re in our way so move. We will do whatever and I mean whatever it takes and sorry to say, but we don’t care who is in our way. We just annihilate all obstacles and head on to our target till we hit it. You should take a peek at my list of goals, then you’ll get a clearer picture of what I am talking about, a point worth mentioning is the fact that it’ll be a cold day in hell before we allow you to see us struggling. It just won’t happen and even if we are actually struggling, you won’t see it. Here’s why.


  1. Anger/Sarcasm: One nice package that all Capricorns have is the sharp tongue when pissed, only good is that it takes like forever to make us go to that mode, but once we reach there, it’s gonna be real hard to pacify a pissed off Capricorn and the only thing you can do is to give us space and time to cool off, since during this period, even the slightest thing gets under our skin. Also, being sarcastic is at its peak during this time and like 80/100 words that come out of our mouths are sarcastic. Also during this period, whatever we say is not from assumptions or baseless arguments, but we speak facts and what is deep down in our hearts that we’ve been harboring for so long since we are not easily upset, but when it happens, step aside. You mostly notice that whenever a huge volcano is about to explode, there’s some brief period of silence? Good.0bec06609468d3c364bd3469f8a8e17aa4daebe2d46030c2ea7cb25871ec6c63
  1. Rock-hard honesty: If you are looking for some real advice from someone who will tell you the facts of the matter without gassing your head up, look for a Capricorn. When it comes to telling someone what we think, you can always trust us to tell you not what you want to hear, but the reality of the matter. Anything we say, we don’t do it impulsively, but its carefully refined and tough about in our brains before we tell it to you, so you can always rely on our advice. We don’t believe in kissing ass and we treat everybody, whether President or Begger same. We were built this way and we are or I a proud to be a #Capricorn. Word of caution; we will give you the cold hard truth every last bit and detail of it, so be prepared to handle what you hear.
  1. Discernment: You are supposed to meet your Capricorn date at exactly 8:00 pm at the bar. But you watch SpongeBob Squarepants till 8:45 pm, reach the bar late and try to lie in your date’s face. Well I got new for you. Forget it. Just don’t even try to lie, because when you do, they’ll notice it quick. And you must admit it, else you’ll no longer exist to us. That’s also another power of being a Capricorn, the ability to tell the truth from a lie with ease, thanks to our natural born skepticism and suspicion, we will easily taste this so its real hard to lie to a Capricorn and get away with it. More even deadly when you don’t admit it instantly. You don’t wanna get on the cold shoulder of a Capricorn.


  1. Relaxation Mode: While some of the signs prefer to sleep, drink, nap, partying, gardening, skating and doing all sorts of weird activities, we Capricorns prefer to just sit at home, read a book, listen to some tracks or just sit in silence enjoying the solitude. This is Our way of relaxing and we hate being interrupted during this time. Occasionally, we do enjoy chaos and wild activities, but these are only limited to those we truly know as we will not show who we really are to people we don’t know well. Some people misunderstand our nature for being too cold and introverts. Well you’re responsible absolutely wrong as misjudging a Capricorn is a terrible move.

So the next time you are thinking of being disloyal and want to act all shitty towards a Capricorn, just take a cue from these points and don’t get in their bad side, cause you will regret it. Meanwhile we are some of the coolest people you’ll ever find on the face of this planet, so keep your Capricorn friends and you will be rewarded handsomely when the time comes. Keep them and have a great time.

Hope you enjoyed this blog. Thanks for reading. #Capricorn.




Android 6 Key Features

Android 7 Nougat is on its way to us, but since you might be stuck to Android 6 for a while, so you gotta make the most out of it. 

Android 6 has some key new Innovations that makes your phone even more easier to use and simpler. These features that I call Key Features are as follows.

1.  Google NowThis is a very useful innovation by Google and it allows you to access Google without leaving the current application you’re using, just like how I took this snapshot of when I activated it. To activate it for the first and any other time, just long tap the home button and configure it to your specification for the first time. After that, you can access it anytime by long pressing the home button. The cool thing about this is, when you activate Google Now, it provides ready-made information about the app you’re currently using. (e.g. if you’re reading a game review, it might show links to the developers or the company that created the game: or it might just show information about the song you’re listening to on your phone). It’s totally awesome.

2.   Screen Recording.This is one feature that I was always looking forward to (not using a third-party app). It allows you to record whatever you are doing on your phone and view it afterwards. Say you wanna show someone how to use an app, all you have to do is pull down your menu, select screen recording and select the recording mode you want to use. There are two recording modes here: HD recording which offers greater details and smoother pictures and Mini recording which offers quality recording and easy sharing. Just select the mode that suits you and you’re good to go.

3.   Edit quick settings menu.Say you want to change the arrangement of the tiles? Pull down the quick setting menu, tap the edit button and long tap the tile you want to change and drag it to where you want it to be. As simple as that. I use this all the time to access some quick settings I need. But the settings tile can’t be moved. No worries though, you’ll get used to it.

4.   Improved cut and paste.Now we know Android do occasionally borrow from IOS ( don’t tell Jonny Ive.) When you select a piece of text in Marshmallow, the cut, paste, search options float above the text and not at the top of the screen. It’s a lot more comfortable to work with now

6.   App permissions Now to those of you who wouldn’t want apps doing stuff without your permission, this is yours. In Android 6, you can customize the permissions of all the apps on your phone. To access these settings, go to settings > Apps > Advanced > App permissions. Voilà! All permissions are in your hands now. 

6.   Scrollshots.This final great feature is the scrollshot feature. This allows you to take a shot of an entire page and this is a very cool if you want to show a friend some projects you’re working on. Just active screenshot, touch the scrollshot button and there you go. Works like magic.

Given all these features, I think these are very cool and I’ll encourage you to get this update( if you don’t already have it). Meanwhile, enjoy Marshmallow while it lasts because Nougat is on its way. Keep your eyes open and have a nice day. Thanks for reading!!!